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About Us

Our Program Goals, Objectives, and Specific Outcomes:

•Reduce Recidivism

•Achieve Abstinence

•Prevent Relapse and Increase Insights into Coping Strategies

•Foster Needed Behavioral Changes

Develop a Lifestyle that Support Abstinence

•Facilitate Active Participation in Community-Based Support Systems

•Assist Clients in Identifying and Addressing a Range of Psychosocial Problems

•Assist Clients in Developing a Positive Social Support Network

•Improve Clients Problem-Solving Skills and Coping Strategies

•Achieve a Healthier Lifestyle 

•Improve Life Functioning

Terri Porter and Darcy Robbins


We provide services to the newly released from incarceration to help reduce recidivism, foster community engagement, encourage personal growth and promote a healthy life style in a safe, drug free environment.  Call today for more information 

Meet The Rest Of The Team


Judi Scott, PLADC

Substance Use Counselor

IOP/OP Facilitator 

Nicole Beasley, PLADC

Substance Use Counselor

IOP/OP Facilitator 

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